Military Systems


Military surveillance systems help identify where threats are developing before damage is caused. Scott Total Security's integrated open source surveillance systems which can comprise of VMS platform software and PC hardware, optical & thermal cameras, virtual fence line, long range motion detectors, lidar, and multiple open source systems are fully optimised and designed for military surveillance and high value asset protection use. All our systems are built to endure austere environments and communicate in the world's most remote locations.


Military Surveillance and High Value Asset Protection

Aggressors choose remote and austere environments deliberately due to the difficulties it creates for surveillance teams to remain covert. our range of rugged tactical surveillance equipment enhances the operators ability to work in these environments, providing commanders with total operational viability.


Our military surveillance systems enhance the intelligence picture for both operators and commanders alike. and our solutions are both robust and scalable.

Solutions include extended sensor coverage enabling surveillance capability, communications, command and control.  We ensure the self-sufficiency of Operators through our on-the-ground support and training and remote support.

Military Systems
Military Systems

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